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Remote Monitoring System - A Cloud Based System

1. Unattended operation: Through any computer connected to the Internet , Log in on the cloud platform to view the system mode, achieving remote monitoring office work.
2. Alarm transmission: Once the SPD fault, lightning or surge occurs, a sound and light alarm message will be issued by the detector, and an alarm E-mail can also be sent by cloud.
3. Internet of things: Each device has a unique serial number. Since an unlimited number of nodes are available on the same network, using the software enables centralized management for multi-users.
4. Customize your website: or

Wi-Fi Series Application

RS485 Series Application

Introduction of Cloud service management

Webpage management, website:
Customize your website: or

Log on:
User Name: "Device ID" or "Bundled E-mail"
Initial Password: Serial Number

Demo on how to log in:
User Name: CAFE2010
Password: watchfuleye

The monitoring webpage displayed after log in
If a bundled E-mail is set, you can use the bundled E-mail address as user name

Roll down to view more node information displays

(5)Surge protector fault alert page display
If "Alarm LED" status displays "abnormal", the text turns red and it contains an email alert sending function
If "Bunlded E-mail" or "Share to E-mail" is set, an E-mail alert is sent to the corresponding mailbox

Alert sent by Email

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