Portable Surge Protective Device Tester

Ordering Code:US128002

Has the surge protective device (SPD) in the system been broken down?
Can the SPD which has been used for years continue to be used?
If the system voltage is 380V, is the voltage of SPD selected correctly or not?
What’s the actual break-over voltage that caused by surge?

Ⅰ. Testing methods for voltage-limiting type SPDs
Choose FUNCTION 1, press the testing button, “Break-over Voltage” and “Leakage Current” will display on the screen.
Ⅱ. Testing methods for switch-type SPDs:
Choose FUNCTION 6, press the testing button, “Breakdown Voltage” will display on the screen.

WTH-CS/BT-1000V Portable SPD Tester applies to the measurement of the parameters of the voltage-limiting type and switch-type SPDs. These data are used for evaluating the operating characteristics of the SPDs and the product selection to cooperate with the construction site.

Main Features of WTH-CS/BT-1000V Tester:
1. Portable and convenient use with batteries, rechargeable batteries or external power supply; suitable for office and onsite measurements
2. Easy, rapid and precise measurement by pressing one button for testing and immediate display SPD data features
3. While MOV testing, a buzzer will sound if the deviation of break-over voltage exceeds the default value by ± 5%.
4. While MOV testing, a buzzer will sound if the leakage current exceeds 20 μA.
5. Applied to testing both MOV-type and GDT- type SPDs
6. Precise test the break-over voltage under the constant current 1mA
7. Precise test the leakage current under 75% of the break-over voltage
8. The voltage of the tester can be boosted up to 1000V DC
9.Convenient multimeter calibration methods

Technical Specification of WTH-CS/BT-1000V:
Range of break-over voltage for testing Un(U1mA): 0~1000V
Range of leakage current for testing: 0~25μA, ±2.5%, ±0.5μA
FUNCTION 1 testing mode: for testing voltage-limiting type SPDs, break-over voltage and leakage current will display in about 2.5 seconds.
Range of breakdown voltage for testing: 0~1000V, ±2.5%, ±5V(120-1000V)
FUNCTION 6 testing mode: for testing switch-type SPDs, boost the DC voltage step by step at a speed of 100V/second for an precise measurement of breakdown voltage.
Minimum resolution of the break-over Voltage: 1V
Minimum resolution of the leakage current: 0.1μA
Operation temperature: 32°F ~ +122°F (0°C ~ +50°C)
Power supplies: four AA1.2V rechargeable batteries, four AA1.5V batteries or 5V2.5A external power transformers
Weight: 570g/1.26 lb (Without accessories)
Dimensions: 245mm×120mm×50mm(9.65in×4.72in ×1.97in)

Testing data for reference:
AC Network Uc (AC) U1mA Testing Model
110V, 120/208V 150V 257-298V WTH-40/C/R/1P-150
220/380V 275V 447-518V WTH-40/C/R/1P-275
220/380V, 277/480V 385V 590-683V WTH-40/C/R/1P-385
347/600V 550V 780-903V WTH-40/C/R/1P-550